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turning on the restaurants' lights!


Time 23:59.

The shopkeepers of the Greek restaurants turn off their lights again, due to the law that came out because of the coronavirus. Entire groups of cooks return home, away from "Their kitchen".

New flavors in the shops stopped being discovered. Laughter, smells, people, joy, dishes, fun I stopped being in the restaurants.

We, Greeks, love food and having a good time. I am also Greek and I miss all this liveliness that existed in the restaurants!

So I come here and make this website, to turn on the lights of all the restaurants that have temporarily turned off their lights.

I will bring to the surface your favorite restaurants and cafes, I will suggest you their dishes and I will definitely encourage you to visit it as soon as their lights come on again.

Every day they will update the site with 1-2 new restaurants and recipes.

I start with the coffee: "Little Kook", since Christmas is approaching and this shop smells like Christmas!

To see it in detail, go to Portfolio-> Restaurant Suggestions and click on "Little Kook".

So, it's time to turn on the lights of our screens and "revive" the restaurants either by following their websites or by finding them on social media. I will also provide you the ability to book table at these restaurants through my site by just sending a message (this will work when the restaurants will be open again)

At the same time, I will upload you various recipes that I have made myself inspired by the flavors of all these restaurants.

It's time to turn on the lights!


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