Recipe ingredients (for 6 burgers):
• 6 burger buns (brioche preferably)
• 6 burgers of 100 grams
• Grated cheddar cheese
• 1 tomato
• Lettuce
• Olive oil
• Mayonnaise
• Mustard
• Ketchup


1. Take a pan and add a little olive oil to cook the burgers. On low heat and in a non-stick pan, add a little olive oil and add the burgers. When one side gets colored (about 5-7 minutes), turn. Before removing the burgers from the pan and with the eye still lit, pour grated cheddar cheese over them, so that it melts.
2. Cut the tomato into rolls and the lettuce into relatively small pieces
3. Take a bowl and add a tablespoon of mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup. We mix them. This will be our sauce.
4. Take the bottom of the brioche bread, and spread our sauce. Put the lettuce on top, then the burger with the cheddar, the tomato and close with the brioche on top of the bread. Repeat the process for the remaining burgers. Ready! Bon appetit!
Tip: If you want you can add bacon, which you will fry in the pan for a while!