ABOUT Gal's bites

Hi everybody! My name is Anastasia Galerou. So what about Gal's Bites? The inspiration of Gal's Bites derives from my quarantine mood. And what do I mean by this? Staying home for 24 hours around the clock urged me to the need of wanting to do something creative in-house! I was always passionate with food and always loved going to nice restaurants and bars. So since the lockdown equals the closing of all restaurants I decided to create a site that combines both food that I like to cook and restaurants I love to go so as to keep them alive even now that they are closed.

My nationality is Greek, so most of the restaurants I suggest will be located in Greece. Although, my recipes will derive from corners around the world. And, well, when lockdown and covid-19 comes to an end (hopefully soon) I will suggest you restaurants from all around the world, since travelling will become my hobby again.

Greece is one of the most popular countries known for her diet nutrition, meaning the Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, Greece has pure and quality raw materials, a fact that leads her to creating tasteful recipes. That's why I believe promoting my country's food is very important. And let's not forget that food and restaurants is as well culture, so here is a chance for you to discover some parts from the heart of Greece.

Last but not least, one of my biggest concerns is always staying healthy and fit! That's why workouts are also added so as to find out how you can burn all the calories you ate, in order to eat without fear.

With love,