Salad with squid and soy


  • 3 carrots

  • 1 tomato 

  • 1 cup of nuts

  • 400 grams squid

  • soy

  • mustard 

  • honey 

  • olive oil

  • balsamic


First of all, you take a pot, fill it with water halfway and throw the "rings". Add a little salt to the pot and let the squid boil for 10 minutes, after the water has boiled. Then clean the carrots and cut them with the help of a grater. Cut the tomato into cubes. Put the carrot, tomato cubes and squid rings in a bowl. Put the honey, mustard, oil and balsamic in a bowl. Stir and pour over the salad.

Good appetite!

• 400 g frozen squid (ready in strips)
• 3 carrots
• 1 tomato
• 1 tsp. honey
• 1 tsp. Mustard
• Oil
• Balsamic